On the other hand, I offered them some hippogriff panties from an exotic animal dealer (very high economy as the Kingdom of Stat) and they offered him that he could have a breeding prince for hippogriffs if they could have the first choice on these exotic mounts. I told them to place an exotic craftsman AND a stable in a neighborhood to give the merchant his job. Thus, they could have an army of Hippogriff cavalry by playing a guide. All current events are listed at the bottom of the screen. An event can be addressed by the councillor concerned. To assign a task to an advisor, click on the frame to the right of the event map. Responsibleness will act on the basis of their own ideology and nature. It takes time to manage an event, so the advisor will not be available for other official missions. Varisian caravans (w/ harrower) – they want to create a warehouse to offer services. Do you want the freedom to do their job – but offer some degree of kickback in the economy. Could create problems with valuables, but these are transferred by citizens of the realm of personal computers….

There are two types of events: problems and opportunities, as well as projects. If a problem ends in an error or is ignored, it reduces your stats. The success of a sales event increases your values and generally does not affect them if the result is an error or is ignored. BMI, Varnhold developed some mines, and my pc kingdom was very agricultural (they exploited all the hex they could), so the trade agreement with Varnhold was for Varnhold metals for Chymal cereals (their kingdom). Edit: They also had some kind of mutual agreement on the defence of borders, where they agreed to protect each other`s borders from difficulties. It`s exactly as you should, actually. IMC, a crew of mivoni river traders, turned to the pcs to build the trade agreement on the).). (Their leader was one of the potential romantic interests I set up for the baron of the time, a cannon chick of the Lord-Epenimist Mivoni, who entered completely into the rank of his general after challenging her for a trial duel.) The baron then came up with the idea of approaching Varnhold and Rostland with a similar destination and assumed it. With Robert`s idea (where you can choose which statistics you receive a bonus), you can say that an economic boost is a simple trade deal: goods for goods or goods for cash.

A stability bonus is a defence reciprocity or reciprocity agreement, in which kingdoms agree not to cause problems between them, or even to help each other, if necessary. And a loyalty bonus could be considered some kind of free EU travel deal – you can go anywhere without a problem and move. -10% on the cost of buildings with a static community bonus. In other words, Rostland`s leaders knew that there was always a bigger plan – even if they were not disclosed, and they must admit that they were not in an excellent position to trade. The agreement with Mivon is based on river trade to the north along the Little Sellen (you will notice on the River Nations map that the small sellen leads directly to Mivon) because the East Sellen is currently blocked by the Boggards, the Mivoni merchants want to use the PC kingdom to get to Brevoy. Well, big heads. I too developed a daughter for Baron Varn and presented her as a potential love interest for the baron. They were married in this last session, just before the events of The Varnhold Vanishing. (Actually, about six months before the season, but we have a lot of kingdom buildings between RRR and VV).

She had been invited by the group to stay with the master at her newly created magic school in Candlemere and to study magic, and the baron had two years with her, which led to a possible proposal.