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Sky Commissioning Agreement

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Sky commissioning agreement refers to a contract between Sky TV and independent producers or production companies. This agreement enables an independent producer to pitch their ideas for TV series and movies to Sky TV. If Sky TV finds the idea interesting, they may commission it and provide funding for the production.

The primary objective of the sky commissioning agreement is to support the growth of independent production in the UK and produce high-quality content for Sky TV viewers. The agreement also provides a platform for independent producers to showcase their talent and work.

To be eligible for the sky commissioning agreement, the production company or independent producer must meet the following requirements:

1. They must be based in the UK and be a registered company.

2. They must have a track record of producing high-quality content.

3. They must have a bankable team of writers, directors, and producers.

4. The idea being pitched must be original and have the potential to appeal to a broad audience.

Once the pitch is accepted, the producer will receive funding from Sky TV for the production of the series. The amount of funding provided will depend on the scale and nature of the production and the budget allocated by Sky TV.

The sky commissioning agreement also provides a framework for the distribution of the produced content. Sky TV has exclusive rights to broadcast the content in the UK and Ireland. The producer will also receive a share of the profits generated from the distribution of the content beyond the UK and Ireland.

In conclusion, the sky commissioning agreement is an excellent opportunity for independent production companies and producers to showcase their talent and produce high-quality content for Sky TV viewers. By meeting the eligibility requirements and pitching an original idea, they can receive funding for the production and distribution of the content. This agreement has enabled many independent producers to establish themselves in the UK`s entertainment industry and create a name for themselves.