Students who wish to study at the University of Vienna generally do not require an official language certificate (except translation studies). However, during the online appointment process, your home university must confirm that you have sufficient language skills during your studies at the University of Vienna. Each Erasmus student exchange agreement we have signed with your home university contains details of the recommended language level. Defence and development: the coalition agreement is vague on this point and commits to spend an additional 2 billion euros ($2.46 billion) on “international responsibility” and medium-term plans for investments of about 9 billion euros more, but the issue remains controversial between the parties. Any investment in development will be linked to increased defence spending. Germany`s Social Democrats and Angela Merkel`s conservatives have signed a coalition agreement. The DW is looking at its plans for the future. The appointment is done exclusively through our online appointment system (Mobility Online). The necessary data is sent by e-mail to the partner university. The signed learning agreements will then be sent to you about half a month before the welcome meeting. Please note that once your apprenticeship contract is filed, it is not possible to change your course until our welcome weeks. The deal, reached more than five months after the September elections, was an important victory for Angela Merkel, who is due to serve her fourth and final term as chancellor at the head of another “grand coalition.” The SPD voted in favour of the agreement in early March, the last major obstacle to the formation of a government. Please note that at the University of Vienna, any inter-institutional agreement is attached to a specific field of study (not to an entire faculty).

It is not possible to name them outside the agreed field of study. Exception: Germanistik students with a German minimum level of B2 may also be nominated by agreements for other language studies for Germanistic. However, you can only be nominated for curricula covered by a bilateral agreement between your home university and HTW Berlin. If you or your coordinator has any doubts about your educational options, please contact us. The offer of courses at your disposal depends on the appointment that your home university has submitted on our online mobile platform. In order to make the appointment on the “Mobility Online” platform, the registered coordinator of your home university receives an email link from us (approximately. Mid-September for appointments for the following summer period or mid-March for appointments for the following winter period). Angela Merkel`s conservatives have insisted that they do not make further concessions to the Social Democrats before formal coalition negotiations begin. SPD delegates are due to vote on the interim agreement next week. (14.01.2018) Please note that appointments submitted by email or mail cannot be accepted and appointments can only be made for study programs covered by a bilateral agreement between your home university and HTW Berlin. Altmaier was Merkel`s chief of staff at the chancellorship before her appointment to the Economy Ministry. The last time a CDU politician was in place was half a century ago.

Altmaier is considered extremely loyal to the Chancellor. In 1995, Germany participated in its first NATO out of area mission as part of a UN-mandated peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the operation, German soldiers joined other NATO forces to provide security following the Bosnian war. More than 60,000 soldiers from NATO countries and partners participated in the peacekeeping mission.