d) Starting benefit. Contractors are under no circumstances required to start the service before the date set out in the contract or in the notice of contract. If they do so voluntarily and the contract is not definitively signed or approved if necessary, such a measure will be taken at its own risk and without the responsibility of the government. Contractors are only required to begin execution when (3) transmission communication has been forwarded to the contractor, when necessary. b) recognition of the contractor. When a notification is followed, the licensee will confirm receipt by signing and dating all copies of the recognition and returning all copies to contract agents except a copy. a) General. If the contract indicates when the contractor must continue the work under the contract, no notification is required. However, in all cases, where the contract requires the issuance of a contract notice, the contract notice will set the start time for the work and, if necessary, will also set the time required for the completion of the work. Notification of the procedure should be written on a form letter reproduced on local letterhead from a master`s copy, which excludes the repeated use of stereotypical data.

Continuous notification is executed in sufficient numbers of copies to meet the contract distribution requirements set out in paragraph 30-206, Engineer Contract Instructions (ER 1180-1-1) and carries the contract number in the upper right corner of the notice. Whatever the reason why the project`s launch date must arrive at some point after the construction contract is signed, a communication on the progress of the work is an important tool to document the “official” date for the party concerned. If these communications are not written, it can be difficult for all parties. Without writing anything, there is always a chance of having an er-saïd/she-said scenario when it comes to establishing important project data. If it is concluded in writing, it establishes a link between the notification of the lawsuit and the contract, which can ultimately be applied in law. Of course, deadlines are essential for each project. Construction plans are incredibly important, and these clues help clarify them. In addition, when lenders are dealing with a job, it may be important to prove that the work began at some point, after the lender has been admitted to the field. Where the start of the project is unclear and a lender is present, pawn disputes could pose a serious threat to a lender`s investment.