Magyar Telekom has reached an agreement in principle with SEC staff to end the SEC`s investigation into Magyar Telekom. The most important agreement is the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Deutsche Telekom also tentatively agreed with SEC staff on a possible agreement. The main agreement continues to engage states, subject to changes to the main agreement made by this Agreement. In view of the agreement in principle and the continuation of discussions with the DOJ, a provision of 43 million euros has been made. The negotiations were concluded by the signing of an agreement in principle defining all the key elements of cooperation. In this context, Deutsche Annington has entered into an agreement in principle with certain shareholders of the Vitus Group (“Vitus “) with a view to integrating certain Vitus units of approximately 30,000 residential units into the Deutsche Annington Group for a sum of 1.4 billion euros (including the resumption of certain debts and the repayment of third-party debts). The agreement in principle is also subject to the agreement of the antitrust authorities and certain shareholders of Vitus. The agreement in principle is subject to certain conditions of conclusion. The main agreement is amended by The Succession of Article 28 – Variant 2 28. The negotiations resulted in an agreement in principle that provided all the essential elements of cooperation.

. Wienerberger will soon complete the next stage of development in Poland for the agreement in principle and the ongoing negotiations with the DOJ for a sum of 43 million euros. € . . Since mid-2009, the city of Zurich (ewz) and Swisscom have been engaged in intensive negotiations to build the fibre optic network in the city of Zurich. Agreement Reached Zurich power company ewz has been in close negotiations with Swisscom since mid-2009 for cooperation in the construction of the fibre optic network in the city of Zurich.